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Terms & Conditions

Friss Corporate – Home Services; is a service provider and hereinafter will be referred as ‘FRISS’. The term ‘WE’, ‘COMPANY’ and ‘OUR(S)’ refers to Friss. Individuals, business houses and corporates desirous of obtaining service from Friss will be hereinafter referred as ‘USER(S)’. The term ‘YOU’ also refers to the user. By opting to use Friss services, you agree to Friss terms and conditions. Incase you do not agree to the terms and conditions, we advise you not use our services. We reserve the rights to modify our terms and conditions without notice and your continued use of our services will mean you accept the revised terms and conditions. These terms and conditions also incorporate by reference all of the company’s policies, pricing policy, rules and guidelines of using our services. By using our services you agree to all the terms and conditions, rules and guidelines of Friss.


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